Gazelle e-bike motors

We can all use a little extra boost now and then. Thanks to Gazelle e-bikes you will have a reliable travelling companion on every ride. Whether you cycle every day, go on a ride now and then or like a fanatical challenge, Gazelle has the right answer to every desire.

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Mid-mounted or front-wheel motor?

A Gazelle with a Panasonic front-wheel motor gives a discreet boost. Are you looking for a manoeuvrable powerhouse? Then a Gazelle with an Impulse or Bosch mid-mounted motor is likely to be the answer. Each system has its own pluses. And with our extensive range you will always find a bike to suit you.

Mid-mounted motor

Would you like to climb a hill with ease, arrive relaxed at work or ride smoothly along meandering paths? No challenge is too great for a Gazelle with a mid-mounted motor. The low positioning of the motor in the middle of the bike gives your Gazelle nimbleness and ensures optimum road-holding.

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Front-wheel motor

Do you want a boost now and them without being too aware of it? If so then go for our e-bike with a front-wheel motor. Thanks to its smart design your front-wheel motor Gazelle looks just like an ordinary bike and even rides like an ordinary bike with the motor switched off. Besides this front-wheel motors are very quiet so no-one will hear you coming.

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Panasonic voorwielmotor

Would you like to know how an e-bike works?


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