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How to buy the perfect commuting bike | Gazelle

The ride to and from work each day can be a refreshing and invigorating experience. You arrive energised and clear-headed for the busy day to come, then you can de-stress and process events on the ride back home — all while saving money, enjoying some exercise, and helping reduce your carbon footprint. However, to make cycle commuting a daily delight rather than a constant chore, you need to pick ... Read more

City Cycling Guide to London

With big changes made to cyclists’ lives in London in recent years — such as ‘Cycle Superhighways’, the London Cycle Hire Scheme and, even before that, the introduction of congestion charging — riding a bike in London should be better than ever. We caught up with one of London’s local Gazelle dealers, Harry Walton at Flying Dutchman Bikes to find out everything you need to know about cycling in ... Read more

Bicycle Commuting Tips

Your cycle to work is a cheaper, quicker and more eco-friendly way to commute. Plus it keeps you fit and lets you start and finish the working day with a positive experience. To help you cycle to work go even smoother, we put together some top tips. Read more

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