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What have the Dutch Done For Cycling?

Despite its relatively small size, the Netherlands has had a huge impact on world cycling. We look at some of the ways Dutch influence may be playing a part in your own experiences on the bike. Read more

Gazelle produces 15 millionth bicycle

Gazelle has started the year 2018 in a memorable way. Earlier this month we produced our 15 millionth bicycle: a CityZen. The production of Gazelle bicycles has taken off over the last couple of years, partly due to an increasing demand of electric bicycles. Over the next few years the Gazelle e-bikes will gradually develop in to smart connected e-bikes. Read more

Enjoying London’s Christmas lights by bicycle

London by bicycle can be quite a treat and never more so than at Christmas, when the bright lights of the West End are almost eclipsed by festive illuminations across the rest of the capital. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a perfect cycle route that we think will give you a fantastic experience of London by Christmas lights. Read more

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