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How to look after your ebike

Ebikes might be very clever bits of kit but looking after them is actually fairly simple. Here John Campbell from approved Gazelle dealer Electric Transport Shop York explains what you need to do to keep your ebike running in tip-top condition. Read more

How to keep cycle commuting through winter | Gazelle

Before we go any further, it’s very easy to be a fair-weather rider, so the fact you’re reading this reveals that you at least want to keep cycle commuting during the winter. Well done for aspiring to be a fully-fledged, year-round cyclist! The good news is, it’s really quite easy to overcome the most common hurdles to winter riding — let’s see how. Read more

Gazelle produces 15 millionth bicycle

Gazelle has started the year 2018 in a memorable way. Earlier this month we produced our 15 millionth bicycle: a CityZen. The production of Gazelle bicycles has taken off over the last couple of years, partly due to an increasing demand of electric bicycles. Over the next few years the Gazelle e-bikes will gradually develop in to smart connected e-bikes. Read more

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