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City Cycling Guide to London

With big changes made to cyclists’ lives in London in recent years — such as ‘Cycle Superhighways’, the London Cycle Hire Scheme and, even before that, the introduction of congestion charging — riding a bike in London should be better than ever. We caught up with one of London’s local Gazelle dealers, Harry Walton at Flying Dutchman Bikes to find out everything you need to know about cycling in ... Read more

Country roads and cobbled streets

Hello there, allow me to introduce myself. I’m the newest Gazelle Van Stael and I’m a new addition to the Van Stael family. Oh, and I’m not alone, I brought my twin brother with me. Our family has been around for awhile now so you may recognize us. Read more

E-bike Myths - DEBUNKED!

Should I buy an E-bike is a question many UK cyclists are asking. Massively popular across Continental Europe yet still seen with a little scepticism here in the UK, e-bikes offer a unique transport experience. We look at six of the most common falsehoods about e-bikes and explain why these myths simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. Read more

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