Orange C7 HFP

The value e-bike

Have a tailwind all the time. That is the feeling you get with the Orange C7 HFP, with a friendly price tag. It is actually Gazelle’s best value e-bike.

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  • Orange C7 HFP
  • Orange C7 HFP
Orange C7 HFP

The value e-bike

Have a tailwind all the time. That is the feeling you get with the Orange C7 HFP, with a friendly price tag. It is actually Gazelle’s best value e-bike.


  • Integrated Panasonic front-wheel motor
  • Frame boasts optimum stability
  • Maximum assistance with minimum effort
  • low noise


  • Motor Panasonic
  • Motor location front
  • Battery type Li-ion
  • Display Panasonic LCD side
  • Type of gears hub
  • Number of gears 7
  • Frame description Stable, lightweight oversized aluminium frame with 68.5° headset angle and 69.5° saddle tube angle for relaxed and comfortable riding. Ladies’ frame with attractive, low and spacious step-through, single tube and integrated cables.
  • Luxury level ***
  • Frame aluminium
  • Frame size Ladies 49, 53, 57
  • Weight (kg/Lbs) 22.9 excl. battery
  • Colour Ladies aluminum grey mat
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Frequently asked questions Gazelle

Check out the FAQ! Is your question not listed? Ask a question at Gazelle.

  • An electric system consists of a number of main components:

    • The battery: integrated into the luggage carrier or located behind the seat tube (depending on the model);
    • The motor: built into the frame at the bottom bracket or in the front wheel;
    • The display: fitted on the handlebar;
    • Sensors: every electric system has a speed sensor, which as its name suggests, measures how fast the bike is being ridden. In addition, riding behaviour is determined by a rotation sensor or a pedal force sensor depending on the model. The Impulse system in addition has a fourth sensor, namely the shift sensor. This sensor cuts out assistance for a quarter of a second while you are shifting which enables you to keep on pedalling while shifting.

    Together the sensors determine the amount assistance provided by the motor based on your assistance level setting and the pedal force you are applying. You set the assistance level yourself using the handlebar grip control.

    How does an electric bike work?

  • Gazelle offers two different electric bike systems, with different benefits and associated road behaviour. But what does this actually mean and how will you be aware of it while riding your bike?

    The system with a rotation sensor works very simply. As soon as you pedal (forwards), the sensor sends a signal to the motor and you will be immediately aware of in the form of the assistance you are getting. It makes no difference how hard you pedal, the assistance is constant. This is due to the simplicity of this highly robust system, which will save you any complicated repairs.

    It works differently with the pedal force sensor, since with these it is precisely the force you apply to the pedals that determines the extent to which the motor will assist you. As soon as you pedal harder, the pedal force sensor signals this to the motor and you will feel greater assistance. It is actually the same as an ordinary bike, except with a little help! 

    The rotation sensor provides:
    1. A high level of reliability (due to its simplicity). It is not without reason that this type of sensor is much used in the automotive industry in systems such as ABS and traction control.
    2. The right assistance in situations in which although the rider is pedalling, but not much force is being applied to the pedals. This is a situation that is sometimes difficult for a pedal force sensor to cope with: is the rider pedalling or not?
    3. Safety. The rotation sensor detects whether the rider is pedalling forwards or back-pedalling. This means that assistance will be disabled directly and reliably if the pedals are at a standstill or back-pedalling.

    The rotation sensor provides:
    A highly natural cycling experience by measuring pedal force.DST therefore provides the optimum combination of the benefits of both types of sensor, resulting in an extremely reliable and safe electronic system which gives pleasant and natural bike behaviour.

    What is the difference between a rotation and a pedal force sensor?  

  • When acquiring most Gazelle e-bike models which have the battery integrated into the luggage carrier, you can choose from three different batteries: silver, gold and platinum. These three batteries differ in terms of capacity thus enabling you to determine your range yourself.

    You do not have a choice of different batteries when acquiring Bosch models and those featuring the Impulse system in which the battery is fitted nest to the seat tube. You can read what capacity of battery is supplied under the bike in question.

    Read more about batteries and range here.


  • On acquiring most Gazelle e-bikes with the battery integrated into the luggage carrier, you have a choice of three different batteries, each with its specific capacity and hence a specific range.

    You do not have a choice of different batteries when acquiring a model with the Bosch system and the Impulse models in which the battery is fitted nest to the seat tube. You can read what capacity of battery is supplied under the bike in question.

    The distance you can cover with a battery will therefore vary with each battery. Click here are read more about the various batteries.

    How far can I go on my e-bike?

  • There are a number of factors that could cause you just achieves a somewhat higher or lower range:

      • Assistance level selected. With the highest assistance level the range will be less than at the lowest assistance level;
      • The rider’s weight (the heavier the rider, the less the range);
      • Riding style. The motor will need to deliver a great deal of power when you accelerate in a high / heavy gear. As a result of this you will need to recharge the battery sooner rather than later;
      • Ambient temperature. The range on a charged battery is reduced when it is colder. It is best therefore to charge the battery at room temperature;
      • Mechanical condition of the bike. Underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance which draws more power from the motor. This reduces your range;
      • The motor needs to deliver more power when cycling in hilly terrain. This reduces the range;
      • The age of the battery. A battery ages as time passes, reducing its capacity which in turn shortens your range.
  • Yes. Your Gazelle dealer has been specially trained to carry out maintenance and repairs on your bike. In addition to this he has special computer software available to be able to correct any malfunction rapidly and he can always fall back on Gazelle’s Service and Warranty department.

  • This is theoretically the case. Assistance does not start until your wheel has travelled through half a revolution. Furthermore it has been programmed for the assistance to respond more gradually and be gentler at speeds between 0 and 5 km/h. Take care not to ride off in too high a gear, a lower gear will require less power from you and your battery, thus increasing your range.

  • Yes, the components are splash-proof and will keep going in the rain. However the system is not proof against immersion in any liquid or being treated with a pressure washer. So never clean your bike with a pressure washer!

  • Yes, this is not a problem because all the components are splash-proof. 

  • We advise you to go to your dealer to have the display holder position and fixing checked. In actual fact the display holder must not be too loose, too tight or fitted over the rotary bell. This will prevent the display from operating correctly.

    Check the 3 pins on the display holder too. Are all 3 at the same height? If not ask your Gazelle-dealer to look at this. .

  • No, this isn’t necessary. It is best to put the battery away not fully charged somewhere dry and free from moisture. You can also leave the battery in the bike. If the bike is not being used for a longer period, the battery will switch to what is known as sleep mode. The battery will come out of sleep mode if you connect it to the charger or if you press the push-button on the battery.

  • The battery can be charged in the bike as well as out of it using the battery charger included with the bike. You CANNOT use any other charger for this purpose since it could damage the battery. Gazelle cannot be held liable for the consequences. The total battery charging time is between 5 and 9 hours. This is dependent upon which battery you have acquired, please refer to your Gazelle dealer for this.

  • Batteries on Gazelle e-bikes are interchangeable. This means for instance that you can easily use the battery from a model with the Panasonic system in another bike with this system. The battery does not therefore need to be connected to the bike using software.

    Spare batteries are available through a Gazelle dealer. A spare battery is advisable if the distance you would like to cycle non-stop in one go is further than the range you can get from the battery (it can be ordered as a separate accessory from your Gazelle dealer). A second battery is also handy if you don’t have an opportunity to recharge the battery between two long runs.