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Accordingly, we design our models with an enclosed, maintenance-free gear case and internal hub gears ‘Comfort’, denoted by the letter C. Our
‘Trekking’ bikes, designated by the letter T, boast a
chainguard and a dérailleur with many more
speeds. Then we have our ‘Sports Trekking’
models, identified by the letter S. These bikes, but
they are assembled with extra-light components
for sports use.

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Find the perfect bike

We can help you choosing the ideal bike!

Which bike suits you? Do you want a women's or a men's model? Maybe you don't know yet. In four simple steps, we help you find your ideal (electric) bike. Fill in your preferences in  our handy bike finder and see the bikes that suits you.

With Gazelle you find behind each model name an addition which says something about the performance of the bike. Thus, we suggest our models with a sealed, maintenance-free chain and hub gear as 'Comfort', identified by the letter C. Our 'Trekking' bikes, marked with the letter T, a screen chain and derailleur with extra gears. We also have our 'Sportive Trekking "models, marked with the letter S. These bikes are assembled with additional lightweight components for sporting use.

You don't know what bike suits you or what kind of bike you are looking for? For inspiration, check out all our bikes.


Bikes from Gazelle

What type of bike suits me?

Blazing errands, relax arriving at work or whistling up the hill. With an e-bike from Gazelle, you always have the perfect companion. 

A bike ride in the area, to your work or for groceries; with the city bikes from Gazelle you enjoy each daily ride!

Move quickly and easily cycle through the town with our lifestyle bikes. Thanks to the sturdy, wide tires and robust frame you cruise in style through the city.

Looking for the ideal sports companion on long tours? The light weight, the many gears and clever innovations make the trekking bikes from Gazelle to sporting road warriors.


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